How Georgia Court Reporters Are Converting to Real Time Services

Many of Huseby’s court reporters in Georgia and other states ask our advice about career development.  One of the most common questions is whether to go realtime.  It’s a challenging specialty, but is it worth the effort?  We can answer that question with a definitive “yes”.

Nothing Replaces Realtime Court Reporters

We don’t have to tell our Georgia court reporters that we are more than human tape recorders.  Efforts to replace reporters with digital recording devices typically lead to problems, yet educating people about these shortcomings is an uphill battle.  The instant transcripts produced by realtime reporting are a strong argument against eliminating reporters because they are not something a machine can create alone.

Not everyone speaks clearly and a recording device merely preserves the indistinct words, creating an imperfect record.  A certified court reporter is a trained listener, hearing the words beneath the mumble.  This accurate document is an invaluable part of a legal proceeding.  The benefit is made even clearer with realtime reporting.  Transcripts created by court reporters can be consulted by judges or attorneys during the testimony if they have not understood what was just said.  This saves time, improves clarity and prevents witnesses from having to repeat themselves.

Turn the Job into a Game

An occupational hazard common to deposition reporters is boredom.  Your thousandth deposition sounds very much like the first you ever did.  It’s easy to get complacent and not worry too much about making a perfect record.  After all, you can fix it during editing, right?

Our Georgia court reporters who have started doing realtime have said it makes the job fun again.  It challenges them to produce perfect or nearly-perfect transcripts.  There is no “later” for editing a live transcript.  It must be done right the first time and it becomes a personal challenge to produce as few errors as possible.  The job becomes fun again and many reporters find they have a renewed enthusiasm toward the profession.

Improve Your Earnings as Realtime Court Reporters

We may love our profession but we all have families to support and mortgages to pay.  You want to make the top income you can from court reporting, and realtime is the best way to do that.  Our clients are demanding realtime reporters more than ever and are willing to pay higher fees for their specialized skills.

Realtime court reporting helps you make more money even when not doing realtime.  The higher standards demanded by realtime mean our court reporters produce transcripts with fewer errors even when taking traditional depositions.  Fewer errors means less time editing and less time spent on each contract.  Reporters spend less time making the same income.

Realtime court reporting can seem daunting, but after you get past your first few transcripts you’ll find it comes naturally.  With the benefits it provides to you as a professional, it’s a great choice for any of our reporters.

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  1. Posted October 23, 2009 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    I agree that writing realtime is the only way to go for a court reporter. I approach it as a game: How perfect can I be today? It is like playing a video game. Being better, more efficient, and becoming a better writer are 3 good reasons to write realtime.

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