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Preserving Legal Testimony In Raleigh: Court Reporting Or Electronic Recording?

Your firm's success depends on your ability to deliver excellent legal support to your clients. Part of that entails working with the most qualified professionals in the field, including a reputable Raleigh court reporting firm. But in a day and age where people are being replaced by technology, should you follow suit and utilize electronic recording equipment instead?

While it may seem more efficient and less costly in the long run, using electronic equipment instead of a live court reporter can actually land you in hot water. Here's why

Accuracy in Raleigh Court Reporting

There is simply no substitute for the human element when it comes to court reporting in Raleigh. Having a live person transcribe a case or deposition from beginning to end will guarantee the most accurate record possible. In fact, court reporters can offer many important advantages when it comes to accuracy, including:

  • They can clarify technical terms
  • They can determine what is testimony and what is background noise
  • They can certify and testify to the accuracy of their records

Reliability in Raleigh Court Reporting

Machines break down; technology goes on the fritz. And when this happens in the middle of an important testimony or deposition, it can be particularly devastating.

However, with a live court reporter present, you don't have to worry about these reliability issues. If an emergency comes up and your reporter is unable to attend your deposition or trial, then you can simply notify your Raleigh court reporting firm and a qualified replacement will be sent.

Peace of Mind in Raleigh Court Reporting

Certain conversations, such as those between an attorney and their client, should not be recorded in a transcript. And only a real court reporter will be able to make those kinds of judgments.

Also, if more than one person is speaking at the same time, the court reporter can stop the proceedings and ask for clarification. As a result, a court reporter can deliver a high quality transcript that doesn't contain off-the-record conversations with attorneys, clients, and the judge.

Convenience in Raleigh Court Reporting

Today's court reporters use the most advanced equipment and technology available. Many court reporters can transcribe in realtime, providing unofficial transcripts of testimony on electronic file almost instantly. And unlike electronic equipment, a court reporter can read back from any portion of their notes as needed.

So when you want to leverage the power of technology, while still maintaining that human touch, please contact our Raleigh court reporting office. Our professional staff is standing by, ready to help you.