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Elimination of court reporting in Hamilton, Ohio prompts concerns from attorneys

In Hamilton, Ohio, the elimination of a court reporters program has some attorneys worried about inaccuracies and delays in getting transcripts of testimonies.

In a trend that has also emerged elsewhere across the country -- most notably Los Angeles -- court reporters are being eliminated in the Ohio county’s common pleas court, the JournalNews of Hamilton has reported.

The paper said six of the county’s seven common pleas judges voted late last month to end the court reporter program in an effort to save $200,000 annually from its budget.

As a result, four employees will lose their jobs.

“It is always better to have a court reporter transcribe testimony in real time, especially if there is a need to have testimony read back during trial or to provide attorneys with transcripts during trial without any delay.”

-- defense attorney Tamara Sack, who is a Butler County Bar Association officer

The paper said the four court reporters — Jennifer Olivier, Elaine Haberer, Linda Tuttle and Kathy Nicholson — are on paid administrative leave through Dec. 31 when their positions will be terminated. They are reportedly finishing transcripts already in progress from home.

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