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Huseby has many ways to assist attorneys who want to make the most of depositions

Huseby is most often associated with court reporting, but our litigation services include everything a legal professional needs to litigate successfully. Our deposition services are no exception.

In the first of a two-part post on depositions, we cover the ways we can help you utilize depositions most effectively.

Depositions enhanced by presentation technology

Huseby can create interactive video clips of specific parts of depositions to highlight contradictions or points of emphasis, with scrolling text for extra emphasis. Certain passages of the video content can also be highlighted for extra impact.

HusebyConnect from anywhere in the world

With live deposition Web conferencing, you can pool your firm’s strengths from anywhere in the world. Streaming depositions brings all of your tools together in a succinct but flexible format that you can use worldwide. Enjoy substantial cost savings by using this state-of-the-art communication tool to your advantage. HusebyConnect allows you to substantially reduce travel and effectively connect around the world.

Our neutral locations enhance your depositions

At Huseby, we offer a neutral location at our offices for depositions, as well as arbitrations, settlement conferences and fact-finding interviews. As court reporters and legal videographers, we are an unbiased third party. Our goal is to make an accurate, objective record. We do not “take sides” and always offer the same services to both parties, with none having an advantage over the other.

The presentation of evidence is more persuasive through the creative and strategic use of technology. Huseby can help attorneys present cases with clarity and impact. Find a location and schedule depositions here, or call 1-800-333-2082

Check back Friday for the second part of this post.