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The Huseby Journal

DeMichelle-Huseby honored to help support Sacramento, California legal secretaries

Photo 1 (1) DeMichelle-Huseby's Shanna DeMichelle-Zanone, office manager, Tabitha Stewart, scheduling administrator, and Courtney Newell, office administrator.

California-based DeMichelle-Huseby was honored to be named December’s vendor of the month for the Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association holiday monthly dinner.

The evening included the association’s monthly dinner meeting, the annual holiday mock trial – “Santa vs. NORAD: Who’s Zooming Whom?” written by John Baldwin -- and an ornament gift exchange between members.

Photo 2 (1) DeMichelle-Huseby's Courtney Newell shows off the stuffed stocking donated by DeMichelle-Huseby to the Loaves & Fishes stocking giveaway project.

In addition to the holiday festivities, participants were encouraged to bring gifts for the Sacramento Loaves & Fishes stocking giveaway that benefits adults and children.

Sacramento Loaves & Fishes helps feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in the Sacramento area, providing an place of welcome, safety and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking its services.

In an unexpected twist, heavy rain and winds prevented the DeMichelle-Huseby team from attending. Office manager Shanna DeMichelle-Zanone delivered the vendor-of-the-month items the day before so association members could enjoy the holiday cheer planned by the DeMichelle-Huseby team.

Items included a raffle prize, an interactive “Pass the Snowman” game created by DeMichelle-Huseby, Santa hats for the mock trial jurors and a stocking stuffed with goodies for a young boy to be delivered through the Loaves & Fishes stocking giveaway.

Even though the DeMichelle-Huseby team was not able to attend the dinner, DeMichelle-Huseby was happy to still be a part of supporting the Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association as it continues to help educate and train the Sacramento area’s legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, attorneys and other legal personnel.