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U.S. attorney, New Jersey residents begin legal wrangling over Chris Christie traffic jam incident

The George Washington Bridge viewed from the Fort Lee, New Jersey side. Photo by Ad Meskens via Wikimedia Commons. The George Washington Bridge viewed from the Fort Lee, New Jersey side. Photo by Ad Meskens via Wikimedia Commons.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made news yesterday by apologizing in a long press conference for actions taken by some of his staff to create a traffic jam in Fort Lee.

But an apology wasn’t enough to stop the legal wrangling to come: The office of the U.S. attorney in New Jersey said it would launch an inquiry into claims that Christie's staff was behind the traffic jam.

"The Port Authority Office of Inspector General has referred the matter to us, and our office is reviewing it to determine whether a federal law was implicated," a U.S. attorney spokesperson said in a statement according to The Huffington Post.

The controversy erupted with the public release of incriminating emails showing that a top aide to Christie played a key role in closing some lanes to the bridge, HuffPo said, in a ploy to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee.

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Residents file suit against Christie The governor will be fighting legal challenges from lots of directions as a result of this scandal.

On Thursday, six New Jersey residents filed a federal lawsuit against Christie, the state of New Jersey, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and others over traffic jams in September, according to HuffPo.

The suit appears to be the first civil claim over the traffic jam. The plaintiffs want it certified as a class action.

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The traffic jams occurred on the George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River, connecting the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan to Fort Lee.

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