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Help for lawyers in Columbus, Fairfax County, Hatch or Davenport

Photo by Jim Legans Jr. via Flickr Creative Commons.

We continue to blog about our many Huseby locations across the U.S.

Be sure to click the link and check the list. But what if you’re looking for litigation services in a city that’s not on the list, like Columbus, Georgia.

Or, say, Fairfax County, Virginia?

What if you need videography in Hatch, New Mexico?

Or real-time transcripts in Davenport, Iowa?

You’ve come to the right place.

HusebyConnect provides the ideal virtual deposition environment by bringing together the most effective, low-cost way to communicate with counsel and depose a witness anywhere in the world from the comfort of your office.

With Huseby connect, you can do the following:

  • Use a webcam or connect directly to a videographer's video feed to view live testimony.
  • View and interact with a real-time transcript feed, including highlighting, notes and issue coding.
  • Present, annotate and mark exhibits digitally.
  • Improve productivity by prepping a witness remotely.

For example: Streaming depositions bring a number of legal tools together in a succinct but flexible format that can be used worldwide. With HusebyConnect, it wouldn’t matter which of these cities you are working from -- you could be anywhere effectively connect around the world.

As a court reporting agency we employ videographers who understand both the technical aspects of video and the legal aspects of depositions. Video is synchronized with the transcript so searching even hours of testimony is easy.

Read more about Huseby deposition services here.

Click here to get more details, schedule a demonstration or to get started using HusebyConnect.

Here’s a quick look at some of our locations:

Our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our DeMichelle-Huseby office in Napa, California; Brandon Huseby Reporting & Video, in Hartford, Connecticut; Jones Reporting in Las Cruces, New Mexico; and Vowell, Jennings & Huseby in Nashville, and Memphis, Tennessee.