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How Bill Cosby deposition ended up being reported by New York Times

The case of Bill Cosby and his alleged treatment of women took a turn when part of a deposition was published by the New York Times this month.

In it, Cosby defended himself for a lawsuit filed by a young woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her.

A federal judge unsealed a 62-page memorandum of law in the case, which had been settled in 2006. The memorandum contained excerpts from the deposition, including Cosby’s acknowledgment that he had obtained quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women. The Times later learned that the transcript was already publicly available through a court reporting service. (New York Times)

How did it become available? Writing in the Daily Report, an Atlanta trial lawyer says merely including a confidentiality provision in a settlement agreement may not be enough to prevent public disclosure of deposition testimony given in a lawsuit. At the same time, obtaining a deposition transcript may not be as easy as The New York Times makes it sound, he says. (Daily Report)

Not surprisingly, Cosby’s attorneys want to look into whether the plaintiff’s attorney was involved in the deposition transcript release. He also filed a notice of appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit saying he will appeal an order unsealing certain documents. (The Legal Intelligencer)

And while discussions about this 2006 deposition go on, a new deposition will happen in the next few months. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 17 Cosby accusers, says a judge in Santa Monica, California has ordered a new deposition by Cosby, to be given under oath no later than Sept. 30. (USA TODAY)

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