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Huseby offers the highest-quality help for your Florida court reporting needs

Looking for Florida court reporters? Here are two thoughts:

You could become one. This website tells how, by following these steps:

  1. Complete a formal court reporter program.
  2. Pass the Florida professional reporters certification program.
  3. Begin working while maintaining your Florida certification.

Or, if you need a court reporter right now, you could just hire one.

Huseby employs a large group of the highest quality court reporters and videographers ready to work across the country -- including in Florida.

Our court reporters know the needs of our clients and often anticipate those needs. The result: trouble-free depositions and a high level of mutual trust and confidence from both sides.

Huseby reporters are used to covering the hard cases. Our schedulers make sure you have the right reporter for your depositions, and we work hard to keep our clients happy.

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Court reporting in Florida

Florida has the third most court reporters employed by the state, according to,

Florida is also fifth in the nation for its concentration of court reporter jobs in urban centers, the site says.

Also involved in court reporting in Florida is the Florida Court Reporters Association, a non-profit corporation that exists to advance shorthand verbatim reporting and foster integrity in the court reporting profession, while actively serving the public and judicial system of the State of Florida.