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TRAIN group for real-time reporting gaining steam in North Carolina, plans Aug. 22 meeting

Julia Titus Emerson, the official court reporter for Rowan County, North Carolina, is hosting a TRAIN group Aug. 22 in Concord, North Carolina. TRAIN is a free group for steno and voice writers that addresses issues related to being real-time ready and real-time certified.

The National Court Reporters Association launched TRAIN in 2011, and it has grown since then. Huseby has long been a supporter of TRAIN, for lots of good reasons.

“I am a voice writer, but I started out learning on a steno machine,” said Emerson, who has five years’ experience as a trainer with Assurant in Duluth, Georgia.

“My student software was with Stenograph, so I know how to produce real-time on a steno machine and as a voice writer.”

The group will focus on addressing reporters’ fears and/or anxieties about real-time, as well as hardware and software issues and questions, certification requirements, and how the real-time movement can be a tool for securing careers.

“We also encourage other reporters to host groups and to help support the real-time movement,” Emerson said.

For more information, contact Emerson at 770-856-8067 or, or click on the North Carolina TRAIN Facebook page.

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Huseby getting on board to support NCRA's nationwide real-time initiative

TRAINCAROSELNEWHuseby is pleased to support the National Court Reporters Association’s TRAIN program -- Taking Real-time Awareness and Innovation Nationwide.

We support it because we agree with the NCRA that the best way court reporters can start doing real-time reporting is to jump right in and do it.

We also support the NCRA’s goals of increasing the number of court reporters capable of providing real-time across the country. To do this, NCRA is offering an analysis of needed equipment, hands-on training on setup, as well as troubleshooting, writing tips, and encouragement for reporters to provide real-time services.

Among the ways Huseby will support the TRAIN initiative is by hosting small-group training sessions. When we’ve scheduled those sessions, we’ll announce it here. In the meantime, if you’re interested in leading OR participating in training sessions, contact us.

There are a number of ways you can learn more about TRAIN. You can join the NCRA TRAIN Facebook group here, or go to the NCRA TRAIN website here, where you can find a link that answers frequently asked questions about real-time and a link for a TRAIN application.

The NCRA has designated TRAIN representatives for every state and region of the country. You can click here to find a representative for your region.

Huseby offers real-time services Real-time transcription is the creation of transcriptions by court reporters using real-time text technologies to deliver computer text screens within a few seconds of the words being spoken.

HusebyConnect provides the ability for counsel to view, annotate and issue code and real-time transcripts remotely from anywhere in the world. In addition to the real-time feed, counsel can view live video of the witness and exhibits being presented, all from a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Real-time is one of the many services Huseby offers all of its clients. To schedule real-time transcripts or any Huseby service in any location, click here or call: 1-800-333-2082.

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NCRA advocates for better broadcast captioning through new website, meeting with FCC

Captioning image by Daniel Oines via Flickr Creative Commons. Captioning image by Daniel Oines via Flickr Creative Commons.

A new campaign called Captioning Matters has been created to promote the value of quality captioning to television stations, content creators, and individuals throughout the country. is the campaign’s website, created and maintained by the National Court Reporters Association to promote the value of broadcast captioning and CART captioning that is offered by many NCRA members. The website also helps employers find a captioner.

NCRA represents approximately 18,000 stenographic court reporters, broadcast captioners, CART providers, and legal videographers across the country and considers itself the preeminent national organization for making the record since its founding in 1899.

Last month, NCRA executive director & CEO, Jim Cudahy, NCRA assistant director of government relations, Adam Finkel, government relations specialist Brandon Schall and outside legislative counsel Dave Wenhold, met with several officials at the Federal Communications Commission to discuss upcoming regulations related to captioning quality, according to the NCRA website.

NCRA has developed a list of best practices that have been vetted by many broadcast captioners, captioning companies, and key alliances in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities that NCRA is hopeful will be implemented early this year. offers information for consumers of all captioning services, as well as content creators, content providers, and all other individuals, companies, and organizations, the website says.

In addition to the list of best practices, the website will provide the latest information related to captioning, including news, regulatory updates, legislative updates, videos and other content.

1000px-Closed_captioning_symbol.svgThe website was built as part of a campaign to create greater recognition of the importance of quality captioning, according to NCRA. The campaign will seek to impart the numerous benefits of captions, such as raising reading levels for schoolchildren and aiding individuals who are learning English as a second language.

Read more here.

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