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U.S. law school make changes to adapt to needs of students, legal professionals

It’s a fact that law school enrollment is down and that is hurting the bottom line at law schools.

Also a fact, law firms are laying off staff.

What’s not as clear is what the future holds for law schools and attorneys entering the legal profession, according to a story in The Washington Post.

The story says some feel law school programs teach too much theory, which won’t come up in everyday work at a law firm.

As a result, some schools are increasing practical training, including

  1. more writing courses
  2. more externships
  3. requiring students to take courses on the economics of a law firm in case they decide to start their own practice.

While the outlook of many in the story is negative, there are others who see a silver lining.

“A new study found that the financial impact of unemployment at graduation fades as students gain experience in the workplace. One of the authors of the study, Seton Hall University’s Michael Simkovic, said the findings are good news for aspiring lawyers.”

(The Washington Post)

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Report: Understanding legal business model will help aspiring lawyers navigate law school

Photo via Wikimedia Commons. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Those considering law school have a lot to consider these days because of the job economy.

The Boston Globe has published a thoughtful, thorough story on the considerations a student should weigh when considering law school.

It says, in part, potential students should consider what type of legal field they want to enter and what the job prospects are in those areas, pointing out business-related fields of study including intellectual property and regulatory compliance are in high demand.

Law firms are now more reluctant to hire young associate attorneys, the story says, because firms are focused on being more efficient.

“The legal business model is changing — and it’s changing very rapidly,” Vince D. Rougeau, dean of the Boston College Law School is quoted as saying. “It’s been painful. It’s no longer true for large law firms to absorb a large number of young law grads.”

Read more.

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Huseby supports Sacramento’s McGeorge School of Law class with mock deposition

Court reporter Nichole Thut works the mock deposition at McGeorge School of Law.

Huseby was happy to assist the McGeorge School of Law by providing a court reporter to cover a mock deposition and by providing transcripts. In addition, we provided the sealed original transcript for the mock trial that followed.

We enjoy supporting future legal professionals and are always happy to assist with mock depositions like these!

The McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, is part of the University of the Pacific. The court reporter who worked with the school was Nichole Thut.

We were helping with the Trial Skills in Family Law class taught by by Neil M. E. Forester Esq. Mr. Forester is a California Board of Legal Specialization certified family law specialist. He recently founded his own firm, Forester Purcell, which will open its doors on March 2.

The mock depositions were held at Goyette & Associates in Gold River, California.

To help prepare for the mock trial scheduled for the end of the course, Mr. Forester wanted his students to experience the process of going from deposition to trial. It was a great way for the students to learn about the dos and don'ts of depositions.

Nichole Thut works with students on the second deposition of the day.

The mock deposition was very similar to an actual deposition and provided an opportunity for students to help understand the court reporter's role, among other things. This experience allowed the students to see what is needed from the reporter as well as what the reporter is in need of from the attorneys to help make sure the deposition runs as smoothly as possible. Mock depositions are also a great way to help law firms prep their witnesses.

Nichole Thut, CSR, RPR, is an active member of the Deposition Reporters Association and is the 2015 Court Reporter Board liaison and a part of the student committee. She is also an active member of the National Court Reporters Association, and holds the organization's registered professional reporter license.

Huseby in Sacramento
We enjoy mock depositions and we do the real thing as well in California and elsewhere. DeMichelle-Huseby is headquartered in Fairfield, California, with offices in Napa, Dixon, Sacramento and San Rafael.

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