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Huseby acquires Asheville, North Carolina court reporting firm Sperling & Barraco

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Court Reporting and Litigation Services firm Huseby Inc. ( has announced a definitive agreement under which it would acquire Sperling & Barraco of Asheville, North Carolina.

David Sperling, who will join the team, is the former CEO and president and renowned real-time captioner for "The Oprah Winfrey Show." For the past 16 years he has provided real-time captioning to UNC-TV, North Carolina's statewide public broadcast system. Also joining the team is former U.S. House and Senate reporter Gerri Barraco.

"Sperling & Barraco has always been proud of our ability to communicate with our customers,” Sperling said. “As the industry has grown, we've realized our need to mature into an organization that provides a more consultative approach and has the technology and service that today's law firm needs to compete and win. Huseby brings that."

The Huseby team has begun consolidation of Sperling & Barraco's Asheville office at 53 Orange Street, near I-240 exits 5A and 5B just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, which has been a staple in the Asheville Community since 1984.  

This consolidation will instantly provide Sperling & Barraco clients access to Huseby's new Opus 2 Magnum 6.0.  This powerful yet affordable collaborative cloud-based tool empowers law firms firm-wide transcript case analysis, unparalleled mobile tools and a host of time-saving workflow features enabling firms to substantially reduce their installed-software footprint, including full integration with Relativity® or Xera® e-discovery review platforms.

“I feel the opportunity to meld the high standards of quality transcripts with personal, at-your-disposal, 24-7 customer service, coupled with Huseby's state-of-the-art technology is a win-win,” Barraco said. “The highly motivated clients we work with every day, and our highly qualified court reporters and videographers will all benefit from the technological and financial strength of our new partner as well."

In addition to Opus 2 Magnum, the move gives attorneys in Asheville access to other Huseby state-of-the-art services, including

-- Huseby Connect, which provides an ideal virtual deposition environment by bringing together the most effective, low-cost way to communicate with counsel and depose witnesses anywhere in the world.

-- Huseby Web services, which allow lawyers, paralegals and secretaries to search case names and case numbers, or word search their entire repository of transcripts.

-- Huseby's mobile app, which brings deposition scheduling, calendar management and transcript/exhibit downloading to mobile devices of mobile attorneys who need resources at their fingertips.

About Huseby Inc.
Huseby Inc. is a global leader in court reporting, trial-support services, interactive real-time technology and mobile litigation support services.

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Huseby technology in Asheville and Boone, North Carolina, can save attorneys time and money

For attorneys looking to meet the needs of clients in Asheville and Boone in western North Carolina, Huseby offers many great services.

The Lake at Camp Daniel Boone in western North Carolina. Photo by Bruce Tuten via Flickr Creative Commons.

In addition to meeting the legal profession’s court reporting needs, Huseby helps attorneys respond to clients’ needs by developing the highest levels of technology based on those needs.

Attorneys working in Asheville or Boone using Huseby's technology resources can expect

• access to a variety of web-based resources, including

-- calendars
-- invoices
-- schedules
-- transcripts
-- exhibits;

• the ability to connect locally and remotely to a live, real-time transcript feed,

video and web conferencing around the world, and

• video-on-demand services for ease of use at trial.

You can find our Asheville and Boone, North Carolina offices by clicking the links or calling the numbers below:

View Larger Map

1 West Pack Square #1400

Asheville, NC 28801 (704) 253-7033

View Larger Map

585 W King St # D, Boone, NC 28607 (828) 262-3603

Through the Web resource center, Huseby clients can view all of these resources on their desktops, iPads or other mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Huseby’s Web resources can save mobile attorneys time and money and can be used from offices in Asheville and Boone, from home, on a plane or anywhere else their devices go.

For more information on getting started with the Huseby Web resource center, call 1-800-333-2082.

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City confidential Asheville: Despite 'Happiest Place' designation, complaints of police brutality, working conditions, E. coli outbreak

Beautiful, bucolic Asheville, North Carolina is an eastern destination because of the mild climate stemming from its location in the middle of the beautiful Appalachian mountain range.

According to Wikipedia, Asheville gets rave reviews from publications, including “Modern Maturity” (The 50 Most Alive Places To Be), “AmericanStyle” magazine (America's Top 25 Arts Destinations), “Self magazine” (Happiest City for Women), and “AARP Magazine” (Best Places to Reinvent Your Life).

If that weren’t enough, the book “The Geography of Bliss” called the city one of the happiest places in the United States. But that may not be the case if you’re a former employee of Shogun Buffet and Hibachi Grill, on the wrong end of the law or at the wrong state fair petting sick animals.

This is the 14th in a series of posts on cases tied to cities in which Huseby offices offer litigation services, including court reporting, Web conferencing, video conferencing, video depositions, and more. Schedule Huseby services here.

View Larger Map

Police brutality case settled out of court

The city of Asheville agreed to pay Robert Dean Gaddy Jr. $70,000 in exchange for him dropping a police brutality complaint against two Asheville officers. Read more.

Ex-restaurant workers file suit

A lawsuit filed against Shogun Buffet and Hibachi Grill of Asheville and its owners alleges workers were working six days a week, 12 hours a day and making less than minimum wage. Read more.

E. coli outbreak at fair prompts lawsuits

Asheville lawyer Mark Kurdys and Bill Marler, a nationally known Seattle-based lawyer who specializes in E. coli cases, filed a civil complaint against a county fair and a petting zoo owner on behalf of plaintiffs whose child became ill in an E. coli outbreak. Read more.

Find a city near you

This series will continue with cases from our other locations, which you can find listed here. Don’t see your city on the list? Call a Huseby scheduler and ask. We have more than 4,000 conference room suites worldwide ready for you to use today.

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