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Huseby names new president, Mark Schaffner

Mark Schaffner is Huseby's new president of the company.

CHARLOTTE , N.C. January 25, 2017 – Huseby, Inc. ( announced today that Mark Schaffner has been named president of the company effective Jan. 1, 2017.

As president, Schaffner will have responsibility for all of the company’s operating units nationwide. He will report directly to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott A. Huseby Sr., RPR.

Schaffner, 55, is former president of Performance Associates, a company he founded 22 years ago that assists companies by helping them identify and focus on their sweet spots in their market and implements proven strategies to capture more customers. He also worked as president of UNC Charlotte’s Ben Craig Center for 10 years, which helps businesses address a broad spectrum of issues including planning, financial management, human resources, marketing, and operations. He has worked extensively as a fractional CFO and CEO for numerous companies and is a graduate of UNC Charlotte with a master’s degree in business administration.

In 2007, Schaffner authored “The Wealthy Shepard: A Story About Using Integrity, Balance, and Trust to Succeed in Business,” which is a powerful narrative that conveys necessary yet mostly ignored best business practices and describes Schaffner’s experiences, observations and lessons working with many entrepreneurs and business leaders, including more than 40 self-made millionaires.

Schaffner’s actions have repeatedly helped drive solid top-line growth, expanded the market-share positions of companies he has worked with and prolonged macroeconomic challenges in the industries he has chosen to enter.

“Over nearly two decades, Mark has built an impressive track record of strategic, operational and commercial accomplishments,” Huseby said.

“He has proven to be a successful and trusted leader and brings to our leadership group a strong reputation for developing people and inspiring teams. His wealth of experience across over 350 companies, and his intimate understanding of a fundamentally successful sales and account management team make Mark the perfect choice to continue our aggressive growth strategy and solidifying Huseby’s market position as the first choice for law firms, paralegals, corporations, independent contractors and account reps as market uncertainty continues to unfold. I could not be more pleased about his appointment to this critical role at this important time.”

About Huseby Inc.

Huseby Inc. ( is one of the oldest and most respected litigation support companies in the nation, spanning three generations of court reporters and litigation support professionals.

Paul Isom

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Evelyn Berger pleased with growth, success of Huseby, Inc.

“Mind-boggling” is the term Evelyn Berger uses to describe how Huseby, Inc., has grown since Scott Huseby acquired Ms. Berger’s court reporting firm 23 years ago.

“I visited his office complex last week,” Ms. Berger said in a phone interview earlier this week. She was amazed at the size of the office and the number of people that Huseby now employs. “That was just fantastic,” she said. “I did it all in one little room by myself. And to see what he had accomplished, it was quite overwhelming.”

Mr. Huseby’s association with Ms. Berger began when Mr. Huseby moved to Charlotte from Atlanta to grow the Huseby name in a new area. His association with Ms. Berger led him to purchase her firm, Evelyn Berger & Associates. Huseby, Inc., has continued to grow its services ever since.

Huseby has responded to the needs of its clients by developing the highest levels of technology based on those needs. Clients receive access to a variety of web-based resources, the ability to connect locally and remotely to a live, real-time transcript feed,video and web conferencing around the world, andvideo-on-demand services for ease of use at trial.

Ms. Berger moved from Atlanta to Charlotte in 1953 with her now-deceased husband, Len, a move she calls “the best thing we ever did.” They raised their two children, Janie and Lance, there.

“I was excited when I met Scott because I saw the energy and strength of a young person in him,” she said. “I realized this was the type of person I wanted to see in our profession. He was certainly a very pleasant, articulate, intelligent young man.

Since his acquisition of her firm, they’ve kept in touch. “I watched his rise, his development of the business, his reaching out to all parts of the country, with a great deal of pleasure,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely overwhelming what he has done with it.

“He took advantage of where he was in the business, took advantage of the technical part of the business. When I was in the business, computers were just starting. All sorts of things became available, and he took advantage of those. Has done a phenomenal job.”

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Stuart Huseby fondly remembered in recent JCR essay

A recent issue of JCR featured a warm essay on Stuart Huseby, father of Huseby, Inc. CEO, Scott, and executive VP, Steve.

Stuart Huseby

Harvey Schulman, a freelance reporter and principal and managing partner of Regency-

Brentano, Inc., in Atlanta, recalls his first time meeting Stuart and the powerful impression Stuart made.

Mr. Schulman soon learned Stuart had a “gift:” “He could write with the speed of lightning and rarely seemed to get rattled,” Schulman writes. “lt didn’t matter if the deponent was an economist, a neurosurgeon from a foreign land, or a technical expert with a plane to catch. He got it all.”

Mr. Schulman describes in vivid detail working as the office manager at Brown & Huseby, soaking up Stuart’s philosophy of court reporting and business and lessons on how to conduct himself in the courtroom.

He also recalls the outpouring of affection that was on display at Stuart’s memorial service last year, which he describes as “overflowing with family, friends, attorneys, and what amounted to an entire community of court reporters whose lives he had enhanced in some way.”

Mr. Schulman gives Stuart Huseby credit for Schulman’s own “remarkable and fulfilling” court reporting career. He concludes, saying, “it is incumbent upon me to follow suit and pass along what I can to ensure that what goes around comes around.”

Stuart Huseby died a year ago this month and Huseby, Inc., is amazed and gratified to continue to hear examples like this of ways Stuart influenced and impacted people’s lives in and out of court reporting.

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