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The Huseby Journal

Nashville, Anaheim, Pittsburgh or Ottawa: Mix work, pleasure in Stanley Cup Playoffs

We like to go with our clients to their destinations and appointments all over the U.S. (and Canada). Who wouldn’t?

So we’re hitching along with those enjoying the National Hockey League playoffs.

If you’re heading to the arena to root on the Predators and you find there’s work to be done in Nashville, Tennessee, you’re especially in luck. Not only does Huseby travel, Huseby is already there.

Huseby in Nashville
214 2nd Ave. N, Suite 207
Nashville, TN 37201 
(615) 256-1935 
(800) 641-9390 
Fax: 615-244-3434

If you’re catching the Ducks in Anaheim, California, we have offices in Los Angeles.

West regional center
City National Plaza, 515 S. Flower Street, 36th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(800) 333-2082

What if you need videography before catching the Penguins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Or real-time transcripts after rooting on the Senators in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

No sweat.

HusebyConnect provides the ideal virtual deposition environment by bringing together the most effective, low-cost way to communicate with counsel and depose a witness anywhere in the world from the comfort of your office.

With Huseby connect, you can do the following:

  • Use a webcam or connect directly to a videographer's video feed to view live testimony.

  • View and interact with a real-time transcript feed, including highlighting, notes and issue coding.

  • Present, annotate and mark exhibits digitally.

  • Improve productivity by prepping a witness remotely.

For example: Streaming depositions bring a number of legal tools together in a succinct but flexible format that can be used worldwide. With HusebyConnect, it wouldn’t matter which of these cities you are working from -- you could be anywhere effectively connect around the world.

Read more about Huseby services here.

Read more about the Stanley Cup Playoffs here.

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2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Showcase for snowboarders, hockey players, figure skaters -- and lawyers

Sochi rings by Carmen Rodriguez via Flickr Creative Commons. Sochi rings by Carmen Rodriguez via Flickr Creative Commons.

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics has just wrapped up with a rousing closing ceremony and an event that featured lots of winners and few losers.

In the final medal count, the Russian Federation came out on top with 33 medals. The United States (28) checked in at second place in the medal count, with Norway, Canada and the Netherlands rounding out the top five.

Other winners included legal professionals who were busy leading up to and during the Sochi games.

Ticket to Sochi One firm’s members punched their tickets to the games by being the legal advisors for NBC, the American network that had broadcast rights to the Olympics. The firm, Morgan Lewis, was led by Brian Zimbler and brought to Sochi by NBC Sport Group’s chief in-house lawyer Brett Goodman, according to The Lawyer.

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What’s in a name? Trademark, of course Trademark lawyers are almost as busy as the athletes themselves, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Kelly Maser, an intellectual-property attorney with the U.S. Olympic Committee fields a steady stream of questions about word and image usage during the games. In addition, the IOC’s legal team works throughout the event to stay on top of the use of Olympian intellectual property.

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Working the Olympics So, after seeing how legal knowledge can open doors to two weeks in a winter paradise (or Sochi), you might want to try to swing a job like that in four years in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Here are some areas of expertise that might help you do just that, via one attorney’s first-person account of his work in Sochi.

Writing for, Raj Koria spent the two weeks doing the following in addition to his main job of making sure contractual broadcast agreements run smoothly:

  • leading anti-ambush marketing teams
  • negotiating last minute rights sales contracts for the event
  • negotiating commercial agreements for future competitions
  • working on last minute amendments to broadcasting contracts
  • reviewing the legal side of eleventh hour sub-licensing arrangements

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LeBron James settles NBA final on court, NHL settling championship on ice, legal professionals settle pro sports issues in courts of law

LeBron James earlier this season. Photo via Wikimedia Commons. LeBron James earlier this season. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

LeBron James scored 3 of his 37 total points in the final seconds on the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship win over the San Antonio Spurs last night.

While NBA players and National Hockey League players fight for championships, legal professionals affiliated with both professional sports are of course working in the background on important legal issues.

Counterfeit NBA merchandise It’s a tough job, but NBA intellectual property lawyers travel during the playoffs to host cities to monitor counterfeit sales, according to Forbes.

The NBA coordinates with local and federal law enforcement to investigate, seize counterfeit goods and prosecute cases.

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Enforcing rules Other NBA lawyers were making sure rapper Flo Rida’s manager didn’t show up for any NBA Finals games after he was kicked out and banned for his behavior in a Heat/Pacers playoff game.

“They were sending me emails all week and kind threats but I was ignoring them,” the manager was quoted as saying on Larry Brown Sports. “Then I got emails and phone calls from their lawyers telling me I’m not allowed in the building for the next two games. So I’m like, ‘What violation did I (commit)?’”

The report said San Antonio Spurs Head coach Gregg Popovich asked Rida’s crew not be allowed back because they were getting too rowdy in support of the Heat.

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NHL riots A man charged with rioting after the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011 is hoping to get off without a criminal record, according to the Edmonton Journal. Presumably the NHL is hoping to avoid rioting after this year’s final.

The series is tied at two-games apiece, as it shifts back to Chicago for Game 5 on Saturday.

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Denny Crane

Scene from "Boston Legal" Scene from "Boston Legal"

Maybe the best connection between the NHL and the legal profession was from the TV series “Boston Legal,” in which the character Denny Crane, played by William Shatner, tries to etch his name onto the Stanley Cup.

See the video at this site, bottom of page.

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