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Vintage stenotype machines can be yours for the 'write' price

Clockwise from left, Stenotype machine for sale via Craigslist, a very early stenograph machine from Collector's Weekly, and a keyboard illustration from Craigslist.

We often talk about Huseby’s cutting-edge technology, including using Webcams to view live testimony and remotely interacting with real-time transcript feeds.

And we often take it for granted that Huseby court reporters use the the most modern devices, allowing us to keep an accurate digital record of what each document is, how it has been stamped or electronically named and where it is located.

But today we think back about how we got here.

The steno writer was invented by Miles Bartholomew, a newspaper reporter, who patented his invention in 1879. His shorthand machine was the first mechanical printing machine for shorthand. (Collector’s Weekly)

Collector’s Weekly has a few for sale here. You can also occasionally find stenograph machines on Craigslist. (Craigslist)

So if you’re interested in collecting the history of the court reporting profession, we hope this will give you a start. Happy hunting.

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Real-time Tips for Attorneys

As the real-time transcription trend becomes the norm in the court reporting profession, more and more clients are using it. Help us help you get the most out of our real-time legal transcription services. We have provided a few tips for you to aid you in using it. It is not for everyone, and does not help with every case. Real-time reporting requires special equipment on the part of the court stenographer and the client. The most common use is for attorneys in depositions, but real-time is also used for conventions, court hearings and as an aid for the hearing-impaired.

Advance Notice

Let us at know in advance if you need real-time court reporting services. We will most likely have someone available, but due to the rising demand of these highly skilled professionals, it always helps to know in advance for any type of scheduling. Our real-time court reporters need a little extra time to set up and often do “homework” the night before.

Word List

Supplying a word list in advance will make your real-time translation cleaner and make the court reporter happy. Things like people’s names, locations, product names and industry buzzwords should be on the potential vocabulary list. This may be provided via email or in writing. The sooner, the better. These words can be inputted into the real-time reporter’s dictionary. They may not have words in there specific to your topic of discussion. For example, a building construction case may refer to a specific type of soil or concrete that most people have never heard of. This would be appropriate to put on the list.

Be Prepared

Take the time to load the software and bring cables for your laptop. If you do not have a laptop, we may be able to provide one for you with advance notice. Livenote requires the purchase of tokens. Do you have tokens? It will not work without them. We can help you with arrangements for it if needed.

Do I Need Real-time?

Not everyone uses real-time transcription. Sometimes all that is needed is a quick-turnaround for a transcript or a rough electronic copy of the proceedings later that day or the next. While we will happily provide these services for you, it is not considered real-time transcription. These are called expedited transcripts and rough ASCIIs, respectively.

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Why You Should Use a Real-Time Court Reporter in Atlanta, GA

Gone are the days when it took weeks to get a trial transcript from a professional court stenographer in Atlanta and you had to rely on your note-taking abilities in order to capture what occurred on any given court day. With a real-time court reporter, you can get transcripts, right at your fingertips, immediately.

How Does A Real-Time Court Reporter Work

A real-time court reporter, whether in Atlanta, GA or beyond, can offer an immediate translation of their machine from shorthand into English, with the text appearing on a computer monitor. The real-time reporter still uses a stenotype machine, but the newer generation models are electronic and linked to software that translates the shorthand into readable text. Real-time court reporting has been around for quite a while and it actually gained widespread attention through the highly publicized criminal trial of O.J. Simpson.

Benefits Offered By A Real-Time Court Reporter

As you can imagine, real-time court reporters in Atlanta, GA can offer you a variety of valuable benefits, including the fact that you don’t have to wait for transcripts, as stated above. Here’s a look at some other important advantages of using a real-time court reporter:

  • During the trial, you can review and highlight parts of the testimony, scaling back the need to take written notes. You can also make notes within the transcript on your computer – all without interrupting the proceedings.
  • You can send the trial transcripts off-site through email or the Internet, access online research programs, and communicate with off-site expert witnesses or co-counsel. This is an important benefit if you are trying to challenge a key point, but need to confer with an expert or with co-counsel first.
  • You can easily search for specific words, phrases, or other information throughout the transcript. You can also jump back to and reference previous sections of the transcript.
  • You can quickly research a full database of transcripts and assemble reports on your computer screen from the case’s transcripts.
  • You can organize real-time testimony by issue or reference, eliminating hours of preparation time by your staff.

Clearly, real-time court reporting isn’t necessary for every minor legal proceeding. But for larger, more complicated cases and depositions, it can prove an invaluable tool not just in recording court proceedings and highlighting important points, but also in connecting you with legal professionals and witnesses outside the courtroom, whether around the corner or around the globe.

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