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4 Tips to Guarantee a Successful Video Conference

The option to work remotely is considered one of the greatest benefits of the court reporting profession. Costs are cut and a healthy work/life balance is easier to achieve. One of Huseby’s many services includes video conferencing. Huseby video conferencing suites are available across the country and the conference rooms are equipped with high definition video screens and high-quality room speaker systems. Multiple locations may be connected, including laptops through HusebyConnect. HusebyConnect web conferencing allows you to prep a witness, attend a deposition, stream a trial, and more.

4 tips to guarantee a successful video conference are listed below.

1.     Make it clear that all of your attention is focused on the task at hand. It is never okay to check your phone or to allow your attention to drift elsewhere.

2.     Avoid having any background noise during the conference. Ensure that you are in a quiet environment, separate from anyone who might be talking or making other noise. Distractions on either end of the video conference will waste valuable time, which no one wants to do.

3.     Dress appropriately. Avoid distracting patterns or bright colors.

4.     Be equally as professional and polite as you would be in person. You might not be able to shake hands, but you can still make a good impression.

Additional information regarding Huseby video conferencing and HusebyConnect services can be found at this link,, under the “Video Solutions” tab.