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​5 Most Important Aspects Clients Look for in a Court Reporting Firm

Choosing a court reporting firm can be one of the most important decisions that goes into a deposition or trial. Of course, there are the obvious aspects that clients check off their list – professionalism, good reputation, and flexible reporters – but there is a lot more that goes into choosing a court reporting firm.

Check out these 5 aspects that clients look for when choosing a court reporting firm.

1.     High quality court reporters. Of course, one of the first things that clients look for in a court reporting firm is high quality court reporters. Clients search for professionals who are confident, punctual, highly skilled, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. 

2.     Responsive support. Of course, clients want a firm that delivers great customer service, and this includes responsive support. Emails, phone calls, and scheduling/inquiries from the website should be responded to as soon as possible. Clients should know that they are going to be treated exceptionally by every employee that they come in contact with while also being able to trust that communication is going to be easy.

3.     Ease of scheduling a reporter. Clients should be able to choose their preferred method of scheduling. In addition to scheduling over the phone and via email, clients want to be able to schedule services online and it is very important for court reporting firms to provide this option on a multifunctional website.

4.     High quality transcripts. Transcripts should be either a deal maker or a deal breaker. The importance of a high quality, perfectly edited, efficiently produced transcript is great.

5.     Timeliness of service. Clients expect every aspect of working with a court reporting firm to be timely. From punctuality on the job, to delivery of transcripts, to responsiveness – everything must be done in a very timely manner.

Here at Huseby we are more than able to provide all of these aspects to our clients. Schedule with us online today at