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5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Court Reporter

It’s no secret that even a bachelor’s degree doesn’t guarantee a decent job today. The current job market is mediocre at best and there are frustrated college graduates everywhere. So, why aren’t more high schools encouraging technical degrees such as court reporting? Why aren’t millennials considering a career as a court reporter? Because there is still no one talking about court reporting and the benefits of this profession – so I’m here to talk about it.

5 Reasons why you should become a court reporter:

1.     Court reporting school is affordable. Why not spend less to (most likely) earn more? Court reporting school costs a fraction of what the average 4-year college degree costs. Additionally, specializing in something as specific as court reporting will guarantee a job post-graduation.

2.     Schooling requires less time than a 4-year college degree. Court reporting school will not just save you money, but it will save you time as well. It depends on which route you choose, but you can finish court reporting school in as little as six months. There are also online courses available that help to speed things up.

3.     There is a higher income potential with court reporting than most general bachelor degrees can provide. A good court reporter can earn a six-figure salary, while most entry-level jobs that college graduates will pursue earn significantly less.

4.     High demand = great job security. The court reporter shortage has led to an increasingly high demand for court reporters in many states. The demand is high enough to provide great job security for new and experienced court reporters. If you want to feel secure in your career, this is one that you can trust.

5.     Flexible work schedule. This is no 9-5 job – sometimes that means working later than 5pm, but this also means that you will end your day earlier than 5pm a lot of the time. You also have the ability to choose which jobs you will work, which makes it easier to plan a vacation or time off.

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