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5 Things to Consider Prior to Video Deposition

There are many benefits of having video in a deposition. Having video alongside a written transcript helps a jury get a better understanding of the testimony. The following tips are things to consider prior to your video deposition. 

1.     Noise. You should cut out any outside noise from the conference room in which the testimony will be recorded. Make sure to find a room that does not share walls with another room that is being used, if possible. Make sure that any people in the vicinity are aware of the deposition and agree to keep the volume down.

2.     Witnesses should dress professionally. The video taken during a deposition is going to be seen time and time again, and one of these instances may be by a jury of the witness’s peers. The witness should be informed of this prior to the deposition and be advised to dress professionally in order to come across as a credible witness.

3.     Size of the conference room. The amount of equipment necessary to the videographer during a video deposition should be taken into consideration. The conference room needs to be big enough to accommodate all of this.

4.     Number of Outlets inside conference room. A seemingly small detail that is often overlooked when preparing for a video deposition is the amount of electrical outlets inside the conference room. Make sure that there are enough for all of the video equipment.

5.     Lighting. Ensure that there is communication with the videographer regarding the lighting in the room. The room should be bright enough so that the video will come out as clear as possible.