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The Huseby Journal

6 Personality Traits That Most Successful Court Reporters Possess

In previous blogs we discuss the reasons why high school graduates should consider court reporting as a profession rather than jump into a four-year college just ‘because.’ Court reporting is an interesting and rewarding profession, but maybe you wonder if you have what it takes. More often than not, court reporters do possess a certain type of personality.

Read the following to learn the personality traits that most successful court reporters possess.

1.     Discipline. Getting through court reporting school alone will take self-discipline, especially for those who already have a family, and/or are taking night classes along with working a full-time job. Once you are a full-time court reporter you still need to be disciplined to ensure that transcripts are completed on time and to build up a great reputation among legal firms.

2.     Grammar junkie. Most court reporters’ best subject in school was English class. This job is not simply typing, it includes editing, which requires above average grammar and spelling skills. If it grinds your gears to see people mix up “there,” “their,” and “they’re” then court reporting may be for you!

3.     Punctuality. Nothing looks worse than a court reporter that can’t show up on time for a deposition. To waste the time of attorneys, witnesses, and even judges, is unacceptable. Everyone has a busy schedule and their time should be taken seriously, as should yours.

4.     Confident. It takes a certain level of confidence to be able to handle the pressure that comes with being responsible for a transcript. The amount of people counting on you to do your job right is enough to make anyone anxious. You have to believe in your abilities and show up ready to rock and roll.

5.     Good time management skills. This is true with many other professions, but especially with court reporting, time management skills are a necessity. This job is not solely showing up to a deposition and taking down a transcript – you also have to edit and work on that transcript after hours. Being able to balance transcript deadlines along with your scheduled depositions is a talent in itself.

6.     Quick fingers. It should come as no surprise to learn that most court reporters are excellent typists. You do need to pass a speed test during court reporting school to be able to become a court reporter, so this skill is a must.

If this list of personality traits sound like you, maybe court reporting is your calling!

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Brittany Clarke