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6 Tips on How to Balance Work and Family Life as a Court Reporter

A common struggle among working-class Americans – how to balance family life with your job. Court reporting, though a rewarding career, can also be demanding and unpredictable. It is important to prepare yourself and your family, and to come up with ways that will help you balance everything.

Below is a list of tips for balancing work and family life as a court reporter.

1.     Hire a trustworthy scopist who is there when you need to get a transcript out the next day. Having a scopist on hand to help with editing is  for meeting deadlines. Every court reporter has experienced the deposition that ran all day, followed by the attorney’s request to have the transcript by the next day. Court reporters who have a scopist to lean on will have less stress, will be able to have dinner and spend time with their family that night, while still meeting that deadline.

2.     For court reporters with young children – have a good babysitter that understands the unpredictability of the job. As a court reporter you never know for sure how long a job will run, when one will be canceled last minute, or when a last-minute job will arise. It is best to have an understanding baby sitter with a flexible schedule who can be there when you need them.

3.     Don’t take more work than you can handle. Sometimes money can be a big motivator for accepting more jobs than you can handle at once. If you want less stress and more time with your family, know your limits.

4.     Get ahead on transcripts when you can. Procrastination is the enemy. Spending time with your family and relaxing in your free time will feel much better if you don’t have a deadline hanging over your head. No one ever regrets getting work done ahead of time!

5.     Keep yourself in good physical shape. This is important in court reporting because it can be physically demanding on your body. Keeping in shape will ensure that you can keep at this career for a long time.

6.     Take vacation time at least once a year. Family vacations are a great way to spend quality time with each other and make the best memories. Vacations are also a great way to take a break from your job so that you can return refreshed and ready to go.