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Court Reporters – The Secret to Winning Appeals

After becoming a proficient stenographer, there are multiple opportunities available to pursue. Taking down transcript for appellants should be on that list of opportunities. We already know that there is no better way to obtain a written transcript than to hire a court reporter. Judge Robert Durham, from Cookeville, NC has now informed us that “trying to win on appeal without a transcript of the evidence is regrettably like trying to beat Alabama in college football—theoretically, it can be done, but don’t hold your breath.” Court reporters may be the secret ingredient to winning an appeal.

In his article titled, “Better Get It in Writing,” Judge Durham goes on to say that he cannot recall a time when an appellant won an appeal without a written transcript of the evidence. What better way to get it in writing than by hiring a court reporter?

Hiring a court reporter to record your transcript of evidence for an appeal is the best way to “get it in writing” because court reporters are welcome at any hearing before the trial court and this transcript will be considered official evidence. The alternative to hiring a court reporter is to file a joint statement, which can be more difficult, especially when you consider that you have to get the other party to agree on the evidence. Most importantly, Judge Durham states that “If you want the appeals board to give your appeal real consideration it is best to have a transcript created by a professional court reporter.” It’s a no brainer!