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How to Guarantee a Smooth Deposition

It goes without saying that all parties involved hope for a smooth deposition. Smooth means everyone is prepared, there are no delays, few to no interruptions, everyone does their best at their job, and this in turn produces the perfect transcript. 

Below is a list of suggestions to guarantee a smooth deposition:

1. Arrive on time. Punctuation is a great way to start the deposition and to ensure that it will end on time. 

2. Speak loud and clear. This is so that the court reporter can easily understand and transcribe what you are saying. Additionally, inform witnesses that they must speak loud and clear so that they can be understood as well. 

3. Allow breaks. Breaks for the court reporter’s sake are often forgotten about. It’s important to remember that the court reporter is a human with needs, such as using the bathroom, eating lunch, and getting a drink of water. 

4. Do not speak over each other. This is so that the court reporter is able to hear everything that is being said and to distinguish who is saying what. 

5. Inform your witness of what is expected prior to the start of the deposition. Giving your witness a run-down of how they should dress if it is a video deposition, how they should speak, and letting them know that everything they say will be on the record is always a good idea. 

6. Provide your court reporter with any terms or names that may be difficult to spell prior to the deposition. This is beneficial so that the court reporter is given the opportunity to prepare and won’t have to ask about spellings later. 

7. Trust that your court reporter is doing their best. 

With Huseby you are able to trust that every deposition will go smoothly. Schedule with us today at