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​How to Stay Focused This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means moving from everything pumpkin spice to everything peppermint. Although the temperature is dropping, the holidays tend to bring warmth into our lives. Premature decorators already have their trees up and their Christmas music playing on repeat (I might be guilty of the latter). Along with the warmth and joy comes the stress of gift shopping, traveling, hosting, cooking, and more. Things can get a little chaotic and sometimes work takes a back seat – But you still have deadlines to meet and depositions to transcribe! Below we have listed 5 tips on how to stay focused this holiday season.

1.     Prioritize. Focusing on work is easiest when you have your priorities in order. If you know that you have a transcript deadline, that is your main priority – get it done as soon as possible so that you can focus on the next important task. 

2.     Organize and make lists. To-do lists, gift lists, recipe lists, shopping lists, you name it – everything will seem much more manageable once you write it down on paper. Check off everything as you go and you’ll be surprised how good it feels to visually see that the tasks are complete.

3.     Start your shopping early. There are countless benefits to early gift shopping. You get to take advantage of Black Friday deals, and resist procrastination. The best gifts won’t sell out and as you get closer to the holidays you can relax while you take it all in.

4.     Shop online for as many gifts as possible. Online shopping is possibly the best invention when it comes to the holiday season. Skip the long lines and packed parking lots, while you shop in your PJ’s. You get to accomplish buying all of your gifts without even leaving the house!

5.     Spread out what you can. Don’t do everything in one week or weekend. Holiday activities are best enjoyed spaced apart. Decorate the house one weekend, gift shop another weekend, etc.

Have fun and enjoy the season!