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The Huseby Journal

Steps in the Creation of an Official Transcript

At the end of every deposition, the court reporter ensures that the final transcript is delivered to the client. Before the transcript is delivered, it goes through some essential steps.

Read on to see exactly what steps go into the creation of an official transcript. 

1. The deposition is documented by the court reporter on the stenotype machine.

2. The court reporter then proofreads and edits their own rough transcript, or hires a scopist to do the editing. During the editing process the court reporter or scopist makes sure that any “untranslates” (words that were not changed by the computer program from shorthand) are translated from steno shorthand to English. The editor will also make sure to correct any misspellings.

3. The court reporter or scopist will then create a title page and insert page numbers, to allow easy reference.

4. The transcript is then read back again and any final corrections are made. 

5. Next, the transcript is produced by the court reporting firm.

6. Once the transcript is finished, it is sent to the client by Huseby via eDelivery. Any exhibits are hyperlinked to the transcript.

Some clients will request that the transcript is expedited, in this case a court reporter will rush the editing and get the final draft of the transcript to the client the very next day.