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Tips for Effective Time Management

Most would agree that the key for avoiding procrastination in your career, or life in general, is to manage your time effectively. In court reporting, this is an especially valuable skill, considering that meeting transcript deadlines is a big part of the job. Much of the work that goes into a transcript is done after hours, therefore, managing your time right is important.

Tips for effective time management:

1.     To-do list. First thing’s first, make a to-do list each morning of everything that you need to get done that day. You should list the more important things first. Remember that you have a deadline and leave more than enough time at the end of your day to work on any transcripts.  

2.     Prioritize your day. Your to-do list should already have things ordered by priority so this should be easy. Get anything that you NEED to have done first, so that you have ample time left to edit and work on transcripts.

3.     Schedule ahead with a calendar/planner. Filling out a calendar or planner with your depositions and due dates of transcripts will help to organize your mind and to ensure that every transcript is done on time.

4.     Edit in a secluded place. Cutting out all distractions while you work is going to ensure that you are as productive as possible.

5.     Hire a scopist. Sometimes hiring a scopist to complete the editing of your transcripts is worth it. Choose a scopist that has a good reputation amongst other court reporters. Delegating the editing of your transcript can make your life a lot easier, if you’re willing to spend the money.

Remember that procrastination is your biggest enemy. It’s always a horrible idea to leave the editing of your transcript to the last minute.