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The Huseby Journal

What Sets Huseby Apart from the Competition?

Huseby is a business that was built by a family of court reporters dating back to 1928, and to this day Huseby understands the business from a court reporter’s perspective. If a firm is simply in the business of court reporting it is easy to lose sight of what makes this business successful – service, support, and top-quality court reporters.

We value our hard working, exceptional court reporters, and because of this many of our court reporters have been with us for decades. We have earned the trust of our clients and our firm is the one they choose over others because of those long-standing relationships. 

4 benefits of choosing Huseby for your next case:

1. Exceptional court reporters. We strive for excellence from every deposition to trial,  therefore, we only hire the most exceptional court reporters to represent Huseby.

2. Complex litigation experts. We are your one-stop shop to manage your most complex litigation, offering services such as real-time solutions, video on-demand, mobile technology, exhibit management, and expert Case Managers. 

3. Ease of scheduling. We make scheduling easy. You can schedule your preferred way; over the phone, through our website, by live chat or through email. Either method you choose, we will provide concierge scheduling support to take care of the details.

4. Data security. Huseby takes data security very seriously and has committed significant resources to ensure that our clients have the most secure data and client information in the industry.

At Huseby, we deliver exceptional service through the vision of a court reporter.