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5 Tips for Managing Deadline Stress

The most overwhelming times for a court reporter are when they have multiple deadlines for transcripts around the same time. As court reporters, you want to keep your clients happy and coming back to hire you in the future – How can you do this successfully with multiple deadlines sneaking up on you?

Limiting the stress that comes along with an overwhelming workload is important for your health, as well as the quality of your performance as a court reporter. Preventing stress in these situations is difficult, but we have a few tips on how to manage it listed below.

1.     Know your limits. First thing’s first, don’t accept too many jobs to handle. With experience you will get to know the amount of jobs that you can handle.

2.     Procrastination is the enemy. Get right into what you need to do to perform.

3.     Plan and organize. Make a list of tasks, with the most important listed first. As you check each item off you will feel relief.

4.     Have a reliable scopist ready. When your plate is full, it is worth it to have a scopist on standby to help you meet your deadlines.

5.     Dive in. You’ve prepared yourself as much as possible, time to dive in and get the work done! But, don’t forget to breathe.

Check out this more generalized article on preventing deadline stress, in any profession.