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The Huseby Journal

6 Back to School Tips for Court Reporting Students

This week meant “back to school” for many kids and students across the country. It’s only fitting that we share a list of tips for court reporting students.

6 Back to School tips for court reporting students are listed below.

1.     Broaden your vocabulary. Spend your spare time reading books and articles, exercising your brain and broadening your vocabulary along the way.

2.     Familiarize yourself with medical terms. Read medical journals and articles to get used to seeing, spelling, and pronouncing medical terms. Many of your depositions will include medical terminology and this will prepare you for it all.

3.     Practice typing on your steno machine for a few hours (at least 2 hours) every day. Practice, practice, practice! This is essential for speeding up your WPM.

4.     Learn about Real-time court reporting. More and more law firms are expecting their court reporters to be real-time proficient, if you want to be one of the best this is a must.  

5.     Network with fellow court reporters and anyone else that you come into contact with in the legal industry. As with any other career, networking will help your job search post-graduation, or even help get you an interning gig.

6.     Try scoping while in school. Scoping can be a great way to introduce yourself to the career of court reporting. You will get to work with transcripts and perfect those editing skills.