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Benefits of Going Paperless in Court Reporting

The ongoing evolution of technology has provided the opportunity to go paperless in the legal industry, among many others, and we are happy about it. From reducing waste that harms the environment, to reducing costs – going paperless has various benefits.

5 Benefits of going paperless are listed below.

1.     Reduced costs. Paper, ink, boxes, delivery fees – all of this money can now be spent elsewhere.

2.     Searchability and organization – the ability to search for what you’re looking for in a transcript or exhibit at the click of a button.

3.     Remote access – from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Your work product has never been more convenient and easy to access.

4.     Saves time. Printing and organizing papers – tasks that take up valuable time – are now obsolete. Files on a computer are much simpler to organize and locate.

5.     Clients expect it, and likely have gone paperless in their own companies. Make it easier to share files with your clients by setting up a digital sharing platform. If your clients are going paperless they likely expect you to also.

Here is a great guide from Law Technology Today on going paperless.

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