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Case Management

We're here for you. Clients choose Huseby because we understand the intricacies of complex multi-party litigation. From the start, your case is entrusted to a Case Concierge who serves as the single-point-of-contact. Your Concierge is available around-the-clock to ensure all of your questions and needs are answered. You can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

With Huseby you will be able to gain control by letting us handle the details. We will deploy and manage the case program so that you don’t have to.

The main points of our case management services are listed below.

·      No confusion – The case manager is your single point of contact. The case manager will handle the logistics and details – from scheduling and master exhibit books, to delivery.

·      Remote access – The scheduling team communicates with each other to match the right resources with each job requirement, anywhere your deposition takes you. Scheduling and calendaring can be completed online.

·      Production visibility – Transparency is provided throughout the case so you receive the same quality and service every time.

·      Standing orders –  Your concierge is able to set up a standing order on complex matters, and track your deliverables so that you don’t have to.

Email today to be sent a demo of our case management services.