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The Huseby Journal

Court Reporting and Technology

How is technology improving your legal practice? 2019 can be the start of something new and exciting. We challenge you to ask us about a technology or service you haven’t tried yet. At Huseby we stay up to date with all of the latest technology in an effort to provide clients with excellent service and support, every time.

5 Ways that technology at Huseby improves court reporting:

1.     Interactive Real-time. Efficiency and convenience are heightened with real-time, and especially when the court reporter provides attorneys with iPads so that they may follow along during the deposition.

2.     Video conference. Being able to work without the hassle of travel saves everyone time and money. Communication from remote locations has never been easier.

3.     Online scheduling. This option is a must in a time when people prefer doing things online rather than over the phone. Clients can schedule from any computer or mobile device.

4.     Remote access and digital exhibits. Clients are able to access digital exhibits and make electronic notes at any point in time – all they need is internet access and they can work from anywhere.   

5.     Data security. Huseby has the most robust data security in the industry. No data is stored on local workstations. All data is stored in and accessed from the most secure datacenters in the world. Data is encrypted with the highest 256-bit encryption both in transit and at rest.