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Exercise Tips for When You’re Tied to Your Desk

It’s the new year and with utter certainty you have promised yourself that you will exercise more. Of course, everyday life and work can make this resolution difficult to achieve. You can’t exercise during a deposition, but what about those hours spent working on transcripts or during your commute to and from work?

Here are some exercise tips to get you moving, even with a busy schedule.

1.     Keep an exercise ball by your desk. Spend any free minutes doing some abs on your exercise ball. Simply keeping the ball in your office will motivate you to use it.

2.     Take fitness breaks. Schedule a few 5-minute breaks where you can run in place, do jumping jacks, lunges, or squats right beside your desk. Fitness breaks are great to refresh your mind as well.

3.     Park in those distant parking spaces. Quit searching for the closest spot and add extra steps to your day. Every little effort counts.

4.     Bike or walk to your destination when possible. I managed to spend a semester in Spain eating all of the delicious food without gaining weight… how? Because they walk and bike everywhere! If it’s an option, choose your bike or legs as your mode of transportation as often as possible.

5.     Stretch while at your desk. Keep the blood flowing to your brain by stretching whenever you get a chance.