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How to Help a Court Reporter Deliver Your Transcripts ASAP

Listed below are 3 steps that attorneys can take to ensure that a court reporter is able to deliver the transcript in as little time as possible.  

1.     Request ahead of time. If you know that you are going to need the transcript to be delivered ASAP after the deposition, it is beneficial to let the court reporter know when you schedule them for the job. This way they can make any necessary preparations, and be aware that they need to edit quickly as soon as the deposition is over. When a court reporter is notified post-deposition that the transcript is needed right away, it is risky because the court reporter may have scheduled a time conflict. Communication with staff, such as a secretary or assistant, as well as the hired court reporter are important. Be clear in your request so that there are no misunderstandings.

2.     Ask for a rough draft. If the purpose of needing a rushed transcript is vital for preparing for the next steps in a trial or an additional deposition, then asking for a rough draft is an effective way to get the transcript sooner. The rough draft will not be perfectly edited, but it gives you something to work with while you wait for the final transcript.

3.     Ensure that the deposition goes smoothly. Do your part by asking the witnesses to enunciate clearly, give the court reporter the necessary time to complete each task, and include breaks. A smooth deposition will result in a much quicker final transcript.