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Law Firm Marketing and Online Presence

In 2019, having a successful marketing campaign for your law firm relies heavily on having a strong online presence. Social media marketing is more important than ever, along with having a functional website that is also mobile friendly, search engine optimization, regular blog posts, and relevant content across all platforms.

The National Law Review has come up with 10 tips on law firm marketing. Listed below, we expand on some of these tips and add our own as well.

Tips on marketing your law firm in 2019:

1.     Social Media Marketing – Use social media platforms to share relevant content, build your brand, and engage with potential clients.

2.     Regular Blog Posts – Blog posting is a plus, this is a simple way to create your own content that is also shareable on your social media platforms.

3.     Relevant Content – Content shared on social media platforms, your website, and blog should all represent your brand and flow well together.

4.     Functional (mobile friendly) Website – With mobile phones and tablets being used more often than computers, it is important that your website loads quickly and adjusts to the screen size of the user.

5.     Search Engine Optimization – Do your research to find the most effective keywords so that your website pops up first when a potential client does a search.

6.     Overall Brand Building – Personal brand images are very important in a law firm. Each attorney in a law firm should maintain an individual online presence.

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