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Marketing Your Law Firm During the Holidays

With the holiday season comes holiday ads, and the legal industry is not exempt from this strategy. You may be thinking that the only competition that increases during the holidays is among toy manufacturers and the retail industry, but the legal industry also experiences an increase in competition during the holidays.

According to’s article, "Law Firm Marketing: Holiday Marketing for Your Law Firm," a holiday marketing plan that focuses on the client is essential.

7 Suggestions from’s article for holiday marketing are listed below.

1.     Focus on the client rather than your own products/services.

2.     Gift-giving – Generates attention, but keep the cost of the gift low.

3.     Socializing – Use the holiday season to network and connect with your clients.

4.     Online and Social Media Marketing – Use for research, networking, and for breaking down the various practice areas of your firm’s practices. “Treat each practice area as a separate business, generating targets for both consumers and referral sources.” 

5.     Holiday Cards – This can be an eCard or a traditional card. Personalize each card with a short note.

6.     Year-End Announcements – Create a blog or other piece of content that announces any year-end news.

7.     Charitable Donations – “Not only will a donation engender positive exposure for the firm, but it will help those who need it most.”

To learn more about holiday marketing for a law firm, visit: