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The Huseby Journal

New Year’s Resolutions for a Court Reporter

The new year is here and you know what that means! It’s time to come up with some new year’s resolutions for 2019 if you haven’t already. Here is a list of resolutions fit for a court reporter.

1.     Improve realtime abilities and overall speed. What better time than the new year to improve? You can do this by practicing on your own, or by taking an extra class. Improving realtime skills will be an investment in the long run.

2.     Cut out procrastination. If procrastination took hold of you in 2018, cut it out of your life before it has a chance to grab hold of you in 2019. Get those transcripts out ASAP.

3.     Get up to date with all of the new technology in the court reporting field. Technology is always improving, and it’s important to stay up to date for current and potential clients. Follow the latest news in technology, whether it be on social media accounts or court reporting equipment websites. 

4.     Learn something new. Keep your mind fresh and differentiate yourself from others by learning a new skill.

5.     Set realistic goals. Setting goals at the beginning of the year is always a good idea, just make sure they are obtainable and to follow through!

Happy New Year from everyone at Huseby!