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Reasons to Include Video in Your Depositions

When hiring a court reporter, it is always beneficial to include video. As a simple technological addition to your transcript, including video in a deposition is helpful for many reasons. 5 of those reasons are listed below. 

1. Impeachment – Powerful tool for impeachment at trial and to discredit witnesses before the jury.

2. Capture un-coached testimony – Videotaped depositions are a golden opportunity to capture trial testimony before witnesses are fully coached.

3. Non-verbal communication – 93% of communication is non-verbal. Only through video can you communicate non-verbal information, such as tone of voice, volume, and body language.

4. Reduce discovery abuse – Videotaping is an effective check on discovery abuse such as abrasive opposing counsel, coaching witnesses, and frequent consultations.

5. Remote depositions – Video is helpful when a witness cannot travel to the location of the deposition.

For more information on Huseby’s video solutions, click the “Video Solutions” tab at the link provided: