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​ Reasons to Use a Tech Savvy Court Reporting Firm

Almost every aspect of court reporting has evolved along with technology. Last week we highlighted electronic exhibit management as a major advancement in the profession. This week we have listed 6 other reasons to search for and hire a tech savvy court reporting firm, like Huseby – Check them out below.

  1. Electronic exhibits. Huseby’s revolutionary exhibit management tools allow you to electronically manage, present, annotate and mark exhibits during a deposition.
  2. Convenient communication and scheduling. Take your pick – schedule over the phone, email, or through our website.
  3. Interactive Real-time. Interactive real-time allows you to have instant access to a live transcript feed as it is being taken down by a highly skilled, and experienced real-time reporter, whether you are sitting in the same room or accessing the feed across the world.
  4. On-Demand Video. Huseby’s broadcast quality video conferencing suites across the country provide a state-of-the-art video experience. Conference rooms are equipped with high definition video screens and high-quality room speaker systems. Using the latest in bridging technology, connect as many locations as needed, including laptops through HusebyConnect.
  5. Transcript and exhibit delivery. Huseby makes delivery of your work product simple.  Your transcripts and exhibits are delivered to your email, at the same time, in your preferred formats, and no matter the file size.
  6. Trial presentation. Captivate the jury with striking visuals that help illustrate and tell your story. We understand the importance of effectively communicating details and information in the courtroom. 

Huseby is the tech savvy court reporting firm that you have been searching for.