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Reasons to Utilize Huseby with Exhibit Management

Exhibit management, like many other aspects of the legal and court reporting world, is now electronic and more convenient than ever – at least here at Huseby! We want to make every single aspect of your experience with us go as smoothly as possible.

Listed below are 5 reasons that you should utilize Huseby with exhibit management.

1.     Electronically manage hundreds, or even thousands, of exhibits at each deposition and display in real time.

2.     Receive an automated master exhibit list emailed to case team daily or weekly depending on case needs.

3.     Annotate and mark the electronic exhibits freely, during the deposition and after.

4.     Have access to all previously marked exhibits electronically. This eliminates the need to ship boxes from one deposition to another.

5.     Have immediate access to exhibits from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to begin taking notes and annotating. You can then send those electronic copies to your paralegal, co-counsel, or expert.

In addition, you have the ability to keyword search your entire database of exhibits and create expert witness banks. All exhibits are hyperlinked to the transcript in PDF, LEF, SBF and/or XMEF formats for your convenience.