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Save Time This Holiday Season with Video Conferencing & Mobile Services

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, which means all of the holiday drama has begun. Time to perfect Christmas lists and buy that turkey! While we check off our to-do lists and pack or prepare for guests to arrive, it feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done – that’s where technology comes in to help.

Whatever the career, it helps to have the option to work remotely, access and send documents from mobile devices, and use video conference for meetings (or depositions) around this time of year. Huseby provides flexibility for all of your court reporting needs, all year long. Our proprietary tools allow 24/7 access to files wherever and whenever you need it from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Huseby’s mobile services include:

  • View your calendar of upcoming events.
  • View invoice activity by case, date range or account status, including outstanding balances.
  • Search all transcripts and exhibits by case, date range, witness bank or file description.
  • Make highlights and notes on transcripts and exhibits, and synch back to the desktop or send to a paralegal, co-counsel, or expert.
  • Join live events remotely with instant access to content created at the event. 

We don’t stop there – Huseby Video Conferencing allows our clients to enjoy a state-of-the-art video experience in any of our suites. Additionally, HusebyConnect Web Conferencing allows you to effectively prep a witness, attend a deposition, stream a trial, or collaborate across multiple locations anywhere in the world – even at Grandma’s house for the holidays.

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