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The Huseby Journal

Spring Cleaning: Court Reporting Edition

The weather is warming up, the time change is behind us, and it’s time for some spring cleaning to declutter your life. While you may have already done some spring cleaning with your personal items, don’t forget to organize and clean out your work space. Get ready to feel refreshed.

Steps to Spring Clean Your [Work] Life:

1.     Throw away. Out with the old. Go through your things and throw away anything in and around your work space that you no longer need.

2.     Organization. Do you have miscellaneous papers with no place to go? Is your desk a mess? Email inbox overflowing? Buy folders and other organizational items to get those papers in order, clean up that desk, and go through those emails.

3.     Eat clean. Improving the way you eat can contribute to your work life and overall health – Why not use Spring cleaning as a time to improve this? Look up some new healthy recipes and ways to motivate yourself to cook and eat cleaner!

4.     Incorporate exercise and time spent outdoors. With the weather getting warmer, sometimes that is enough motivation to exercise and get outdoors in itself. Exercising and spending time outdoors will do great things for your energy and work productivity.