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Steps to Becoming a Court Reporter

With all of the introductory programs offered by the NCRA these days, there are more high school graduates, and even college graduates, interested in a career in court reporting.

After you hear about the flexible and rewarding career of court reporting – what’s the next step in becoming a licensed court reporter? The first 8 steps are listed below.

1.     Earn a High School Diploma or GED. First thing’s first, you will need to graduate high school or at least earn a GED in order to go to court reporting school.

2.     Learn about the career. Do your research, even if that just means Google, to see how interested you really are in becoming a court reporter. Reach out to any court reporters that you may know.

3.     Experience any trial classes offered. Utilize the tools offered by the NCRA and other corporations that are making an effort to familiarize graduates with the career of court reporting. Join some of the trial programs offered, and learn as much as you can before making any commitments.

4.     Choose a court reporting school. There are online courses as well schools that you can attend in person. Make sure that the school you choose is approved by the NCRA – here is a list:

5.     Complete the Associate’s Degree for court reporting. Earn that degree!

6.     Obtain a license. Once you pass your classes and complete the program, you will get your court reporting license, which is needed before you can secure a job.

7.     Job search. Find your dream court reporting firm, and apply.

8.     Improve your standing as a court reporter by becoming realtime certified, and add as many additional certifications to your name as you like.