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The Huseby Journal

Summer Travel Tips

Memorial day has passed and you know what that means... it is officially Summer. One of the great benefits of a career in court reporting is that it comes with a flexible schedule, allowing you to enjoy! Pool days and beach trips are on the horizon. 

Get ready for vacations with our Summer travel tips listed below. 

1. Check multiple websites for flights. There are deals on flights that often go unnoticed. Try checking flights on different websites such as and 

2. Remember how long passports take to renew and act accordingly. Nothing is worse than realizing your passport needs renewed right after you start planning a vacation. It can take 1-2 months after a passport appointment to receive your new passport. 

3. Buy refillable small bottles for liquids. Filling up your own small bottles when flying rather than buying the travel size products saves money. Another tip on liquids is to double up on the plastic bags so they don’t leak all over your clothes!

4. Pack as light as possible. Try to start packing a good bit ahead of time so that you don’t overpack. Decide what you need for each day and don’t take extra! You will almost always use less than you packed. Making a list of what you need can also help with packing light. 

5. For travel in Europe, pack an outlet adapter. 

6. Have fun!