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The Huseby Journal

The NCRA Promotes the Court Reporting Profession with A to Z Program

This week in the Journal of Court Reporting, Beth Cicero discusses the benefits of NCRA’s A to Z Intro to Machine Shorthand Program. This program is an opportunity for people to try out typing on a steno machine and get a taste of what the court reporting profession is really like through a hands-on course in which candidates are provided loaner steno machines and attend live weekly classes over a six-week period taught by experienced reporters. Until now, the only way to try out court reporting was to enroll in court reporting school.

The only cost of trying out a program such as A to Z is an investment of time. Programs such as the A to Z, will likely reduce the high dropout rate of court reporting schools.

Fellow court reporters helped Beth put this program together by donating old machines and volunteering their time to assist during the sessions. After experiencing the A to Z sessions, those who decide to go ahead and enroll in court reporting school are much more likely to excel and succeed.

Huseby sponsored the A to Z program with Molly Kramer in San Diego earlier this year by hosting a breakfast for the new students. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page -

Reasons to try the A to Z Program:

1.     The only cost is your time, which is an investment in your future.

2.     It is a way to trial a career in court reporting before enrolling in school.

3.     Gain a better understanding of how a steno machine works.

4.     Increase your chances of excelling in court reporting school.

5.     You have nothing to lose!

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