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​Transcription: One of our many services

Transcription itself is defined as the act of recording the spoken word as written word. Transcription is used in a wide range of careers, not only court reporting. Some other careers that use transcription are data entry, financial/corporate transcription, secretarial work, and medical transcription.

Transcription happens to be one of the many services offered by Huseby. Huseby provides the most comprehensive range of transcription services in the industry, with the capability to turnaround audio as quickly as the client requests - including same-day turnaround of the full and verbatim record. 

All transcription work is done by highly skilled reporters and transcriptionists in the U.S. 

Reasons to use Huseby for transcription services: 

1. Access to a state-of-the-art secure web repository for the uploading of audio files and delivery of the finished transcription files. 

2. Delivery Capabilities. Transcripts are delivered to the client’s email in preferred formats, no matter the file size. They are delivered 24-36 hours faster than paper files. Huseby eDelivery can further encrypt your email delivery so that only your firm can open the files. 

3. Audio Enhancement. We can normalize audio so that quiet speakers become louder and louder speakers become softer, creating an e file that has uniform volume. Audio enhancements include noise reduction to reduce static/background noises along with editing to remove the parts you don’t have. We can also convert a file to whatever format that the client desires. 

4. Security and confidentiality. Huseby has invested significant resources into information technology, designed to offer the client unparalleled security and privacy in the industry. Our processes and procedures are designed to comply with HIPAA security standards.