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Trends in the Legal Industry: Demand for Better Service Models

Technology has greatly raised the expectations of clients and consumers in countless industries, the legal industry included. Regarding law firms and court reporting firms alike, clients are expecting a better and more modern experience. Digital transactions and file sharing are only the beginning. The way that we directly deal with clients is ever evolving.     

According to Lawyer Monthly in their article titled, “5 Predictions for The Legal Industry in 2019,” this year should have come with more transparency about firms’ offerings. The article also states, “Automation and AI will be vital to driving these efficiencies and savings across the whole client lifecycle: not just areas of business acceptance like billing and time reporting or other back-office functions, but client development and delivery. With more modern processes in place, this will enable firms to improve client retention and also boost new business opportunities and conversions.”

At Huseby, we recognize this trend by offering the following technology-driven services:

1.   Interactive Real-Time – Our highly trained court reporters keep our clients up to speed with live transcript feed to bookmark, make notes, or issue code on the fly.

2.   Video Solutions – High definition video solutions including HusebyConnect Web Conferencing to attend a deposition remotely.

3.   Mobile Technology – Access case files from anywhere, on any mobile device.

4.   Exhibit Management – Electronically manage, present, annotate, and mark exhibits during a deposition – including remotely.

5.   Data Security – Risk management and safeguards that ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and security are met both in our production facilities and data centers.


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