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Trends in The Legal Industry: Digital Transformation

Technology continues to make the legal industry more convenient, flexible, and efficient.

An article from, by Daniel Newman, explores the top seven digital transformation trends in the legal industry for 2019.

Check out the seven transformation trends listed by Daniel Newman below.

1.     Cloud and Mobile – With documents and files being kept on digital devices, it makes life much more convenient for legal professionals – no more running back to the office for forgotten files.

2.     Virtual Law Firms – The increase in cloud and mobile provides greater flexibility to legal professionals. “This allows legal powerhouses on two different coasts to team up in one firm.” This flexibility provides a greater work/life balance, which is exciting because it will mean healthier and happier legal professionals in the long run.

3.     Social Media – It’s not all about LinkedIn anymore, an increasing number of lawyers are starting podcasts. The new wave of legal podcasts could have something to do with the greater work/life balance and free time that the digital transformation provides those in the legal industry. Legal issues making their way into podcasts can be a great thing for everyone as it spreads awareness and knowledge of legal practices.

4.     Cybersecurity – After a big leak in files from one law firm last year, law firms everywhere are taking cybersecurity more seriously now.

5.     Customer/Client Relationship Management – Customer relationship management software is saving time and improving relationships simultaneously.  

6.     Performance Measurement – Technology is helping with analyzing data, managing caseloads, forecasting outcomes, and deciding whether or not to take on a new client.

7.     Electronic Discovery – There is a “massive influx of digital data (emails, texts, voicemails, electronic calendars) now open for analysis in legal proceedings, lawyers need help processing all of that information quickly.” Today’s AI and machine learning are going a long way to make that process much less cumbersome.

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