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What Does a Court Reporter’s Salary Look Like?

It’s no secret that court reporting is an under-marketed career. A bachelor’s degree is not necessary to pursue a career in court reporting, which should be motivation enough to those searching for a career in a time where millennials can have overwhelming student loan debt.

The national shortage of court reporters has caused the NCRA and other organizations to spread awareness of this flexible and profitable career opportunity. Even so, many are still unaware of the actual salary possibilities.

According to, the average court reporter salary is $57,272 as of September 26, 2019. The range falls between $41,323 and $74,962 – ranges can vary depending on the experience, certifications, education, additional skills, and technological abilities. It’s not unheard of for court reporters to make significantly more than the upper range of $74,962… This is a profession that pays to be reliable, personable, and experienced. Another way to ensure greater opportunity as a court reporter would be to participate in some of the certification opportunities offered by the NCRA – setting yourself apart from other reporters.

To learn more about the average court reporting salary, check out:

For more on the NCRA’s certifications offered, visit: