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2020 New Year’s Resolutions for a Lawyer

Happy New Year! 

We found some doable New Year's resolutions from’s article: “7 Doable (Yes, Doable) New Year’s Resolutions That Will Advance a Young Lawyer’s Career” that we have highlighted below.

1.     Reorganize – Organize and clean out everything from papers in your desk to your email box. Success is much more attainable with an organized life.

2.     Commit to Building Your Business – Identify your target market if you haven’t already, continue networking, and don’t forget that business development is essential to building your law firm.

3.     Reflect on What You Can Do Better – Take a good look at yourself, this can be difficult. Ask others for constructive criticism and figure out the steps it will take for improvement.

4.     Do Pro Bono Work – In addition to doing good for the community, pro bono work will broaden your experience, and make you feel good too!

5.     Commit to Your Health – Your work and overall mentality will improve if you take care of yourself with exercise and healthy eating.

6.     Find a Mentor – Put those networking skills to good use, find a lawyer who you respect and ask them to mentor you. A mentor offers guidance, encouragement, and a new perspective.

7.     Speak, Publish, and Put Yourself Out There – This can be with a blog, speaking at a webinar, producing a podcast, or as simple as posting more often to social media.

Read more about these New Year’s resolutions at: